Liath Starateli

PC in mleibrock's Council of Thieves Adventure Path Game


These shadowy streets and alleys, shrouded in fog and gloom and filled with the stench of death and decay . . . they call to me. More, the people who call this place their home are also my family. I am Liath Starateli, a child of the Parego Dospera. Risen above the poverty, the filth and the danger by my own hand and strength of will, yet always a part of it . . . and its darkness a part of me.

I know not from whence I came. Anyone who can see me knows I’m not like most others . . . indeed, it’s likely anyone who marks my gray skin, my yellow eyes, will know no more of my origins that I do myself. Most who care about such things call me ‘Tiefling’ in that dismissive tone used for those beneath even contempt, but I think I’m no devil-kin. There’s nothing of the Abyss in my blood.

Since I can recall, I’ve roamed the streets of Dospera, first looking after myself and then, once I’d risen above the struggle of mere survival, helping those less strong of arm or will than I. Once the weak and rightful prey of most all who inhabit this hopeless place, I now hunt those who prey on the unfortunates here.

But I grow weary and frustrated. All my efforts come to naught, and every day brings the revelation of another I saved who’s succumbed to hunger, been taken by the slavers, or killed by another on our streets – a brother or sister in the struggle for survival – because their victims stale heel of bread would ease their hunger pains for a few hours.

Oh, they’re all grateful for my help, make no mistake. I’m a local hero, a legendary watcher and guardian, and when I ask them to stay their hands, to watch over and protect each other, they’re all enthusiastic agreement. But no sooner do I move on – and there’s a lot of ground to cover, so move on I must – than they’ve turned on each other once more.

There must be another way, a better way, to reach this adopted family of mine. To lift them from the despair that is their lives and free them from the bonds of mere existence . . . to allow them to live!

Liath Starateli

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